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Wire Forming

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Wire forms for fastener retaining or self-wrenching in door/hood striker assemblies, automotive grade assemblies, and several other applications can be provided. We have unparalleled engineering expertise to design and develop wire forms in any shape or size for reliable fastening in metal assemblies. Designed and formed to custom specifications, the components are available in near net shapes, reducing the need for any further finishing. This could save you huge production costs spent on machining operations as well.

Parts are mostly cold-formed from 4037 grade of medium carbon alloy steel wire. We have twin OMCG CNC wire-forming machines with feed speeds of up to 3m/sec for handling varied wire sizes. Our wire sizing capabilities are vast ranging from 10mm down up to 5 mm. Through vast steel wire forming capabilities and innovative designing, we produce the exact components that drastically reduce the assembly time as well as increase its efficiency. The entire unit is aligned easily without any possibilities for misalignments.



Medium Carbon Alloy Steel Wire ( 4037)


Anti-rotation Devices
Automotive Grade Assemblies

Bolt or Nut Retaining

Door/hood Striker Assemblies

Equipment Used

Twin OMCG Wire Forming Machines


Improved Joint Consistency
Increased Assembly Efficiency

Lessens Operator Fatigue

Near Net Shape

Reduced Assembly Line Tooling

Processing Capabilities

Camera Inspection
Eddy Current


Laser Sorting

Returnable Containers

Visual Sorting

Special Equipment/Services

Parts Formers (6 Die 600 Ton Machines)
Prototype Shop



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