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Powerlok® Trilobular™

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Adhering to the highest quality standards, we manufacture Powerlok® Trilobular™ thread forming screws suitable for fastening applications in several industries, including automotive, telecommunication, marine, and construction. Our Powerlok® line of self locking fasteners can be used for assembly operations in pre-tapped holes, punch extruded metals, and die castings. Powerlok® self locking screws can be manufactured in lengths up to 4.75”, with nominal diameters of up to 12mm. Besides standard dimensions, we can also manufacture thread forming screws in a range of sizes, according to your specific assembly requirements.

The superior locking ability of our Powerlok® screws can be attributed to its innovative 60° - 30° thread-form angle design. Our Powerlok® self locking screws, produced from carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel materials, can minimize the need for supplementary locking features, like adhesives and patches, in fastening applications. The high temperature plus stripping resistance characteristics of our Powerlok® self locking fasteners makes them perfect for assembling parts used under high clamp load and severe vibration conditions.

 Specifications   Equipment List   

Screw Size (in mm)

M4X 0.7 to M12X 1.75

Screw Size (in inch)

8-32 through 7/16-20 (M4-M12)

Nominal Diameter Range

4mm to 12mm

Major Diameter Range

0.1640” to 0.4375”

Pitch Range

32 tpi through 20 tpi


1/4" to 4-3/4"


All pre-tapped metal nuts, die castings, and punch extruded assembles where reliable, self-locking fasteners are required under conditions of severe vibration or high clamp load.


Low Carbon Steel
Medium Carbon Steel

Alloy Steel

Stainless Steel – 300 and 400 series, A286, B16

Testing Capabilities

Drive Test

Hydrogen Embrittlement

Rockwell Hardness Testing

Superficial Hardness Testing

Tensile Test

Processing Capabilities

Camera Inspection
Eddy Current


Laser Sorting

Visual Sorting

Special Features

Roll Forming

Roll Thread After Heat Treat



Industries Served


Consumer Electronics



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