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MSD Stamping

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Metal Stamping

Metal stamping of parts and components, such as specialty nut clips, anti-rotation (self-wrenching nut or bolt) devices, door/hood strikers, and deck lid strikers, is our core business. We can be your technical partner in developing new parts and facilitate their quick launch into the market.

Both single stage and multi-stage progressive die stamping can be accommodated in our machine shop fitted with presses to handle sizes ranging from 35 tons to over 300 tons. Depending on your high/low volume production requirement, dies are designed for the appropriate longevity. Before designing a part, we analyze the existing configuration design, strength requirements, fastener alignment, ASM costs, and DFMA standard compliance. For ...

Wire Forming

Wire forms for fastener retaining or self-wrenching in door/hood striker assemblies, automotive grade assemblies, and several other applications can be provided. We have unparalleled engineering expertise to design and develop wire forms in any shape or size for reliable fastening in metal assemblies. Designed and formed to custom specifications, the components are available in near net shapes, reducing the need for any further finishing. This could save you huge production costs spent on machining operations as well.

Parts are mostly cold-formed from 4037 grade of medium carbon alloy steel wire. We have twin OMCG CNC wire-forming machines with feed speeds of up to 3m/sec for handling varied wire sizes. Our wire sizing ...

Nut Insertion Clips

Adhering to the highest quality standards, we stamp, manufacture, and assemble specialty fasteners, such as nut insertion clips, for the automotive industry. In automotive assembly applications, our nut insertion clips are used for fastening panels made from sheet metal. Our extensive wire forming, multi-stage progressive die stamping, nut insertion, and die tapping capabilities allow us to manufacture specialty nut clips in different lengths and thread sizes, according to your specific fastening requirements.

Further secondary operations are not required on our specialty nut clips as they are precision stamped by our progressive dies. These clips can be manufactured from a range of materials, including carbon steel, ...


Staking automotive grade assemblies, manufactured from a range of materials, including carbon steel, aluminum, copper, and stainless steel, is our specialty. Through our novel staking techniques, we manufacture fastener assemblies having enhanced bearing engagement and push-out resistance characteristics. With our self wrenching fasteners and assemblies, automotive manufacturers can increase the efficiency of their assembly operations and reduce assembly line tooling costs.

We offer nut and bolt staking, wireform staking, plus rotary table staking services to our customers. Staking solutions are also provided for connecting parts manufactured from dissimilar materials such as plastic-to-metal assemblies. While performing ...
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