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Cold-Headed Automotive Fasteners

Application specific by design, our Taptite® thread forming fasteners are used by world class manufacturers world wide. The unique Trilobular™ thread-rolling configuration of our fasteners helps to reduce chips, burrs and eliminate additional tapping costs. In both metal and plastic applications, the nut material fills in behind the lobes assuring exceptional holding power and easy working drive-to-strip ratio. In contrast to round bodied screws, our Trilobular™ radial relief reduces drive torque and makes deeper thread engagements practical, further increasing the holding strength.

Our Trilobular™ screws plus bolts used in ductile metal and castings, have high integrity mating threads, which produce ...


As part of our specialty fastening solutions, we manufacture a range of SEMS fasteners suitable for automotive and electronic assembly applications. SEMS fasteners can be produced in a combination of screw and captivated washer assemblies. Captivated washers help in eliminating instances of lost or dropped washers during assembly operations, which in turn improves productivity. We have the ability to manufacture SEMS screw and washer assemblies in various combinations based on your specific head style, washer style, material, thread style, and plating type requirements.

Our preassembled SEMS fasteners are available in standard lengths up to 6” with pitch values up to 18tpi. Besides standard sizes, we can also ...

Taptite® 2000™

Our Taptite® 2000™ line of external thread-forming screws roll-form high integrity mating threads in ductile metals, die castings, and punch extruded metals upon initial installation. All our thread forming fasteners incorporate a three-lobed thread form that helps in reducing burrs and chips, as well as tapping costs. Taptite® 2000™ screws can be manufactured with nominal diameters ranging from 4 mm to 12 mm, and in lengths up to 4.75”. Based on your specific fastening requirements, we can manufacture thread forming screws with pitch values ranging from 32 threads per inch (tpi) through 20 tpi. Our thread forming screws are manufactured according to IFI, SAE, and other widely recognized automotive ...

Taptite II®

Our Taptite II® line of external thread forming screws eliminates or minimizes the need for additional locking devices. The Taptite II® thread-forming fasteners roll form high integrity internal threads in cored, punched, or drilled holes on punch-extruded metals, ductile metals, or die castings. These engineered fasteners can be produced from materials, such as low carbon steel, alloy steel, medium carbon steel, and stainless steel. Taptite II® screws with varying pitch values, ranging from 32 tpi through 20 tpi, are also manufactured. According to your customized metal fastening needs, external thread-forming screws can be produced with nominal diameters up to 12mm, and in lengths up to 4.75”.

Duo-Taptite® Trilobular™

Our Duo-Taptite® Trilobular™ thread-forming screws roll form strong and uniform internal load carrying threads. Our extensive manufacturing plants, equipped with a range of single and multi-die heading machines, allow us to offer customized solutions to clients with demanding fastening requirements. We can manufacture Duo-Taptite® thread-forming screws in lengths up to 4.75 inches, with pitch values ranging from 32 tpi through 20 tpi. The self aligning capability of our Duo-Taptite® screws minimizes misalignment at the beginning of every driving operation.

Powerlok® Trilobular™

Adhering to the highest quality standards, we manufacture Powerlok® Trilobular™ thread forming screws suitable for fastening applications in several industries, including automotive, telecommunication, marine, and construction. Our Powerlok® line of self locking fasteners can be used for assembly operations in pre-tapped holes, punch extruded metals, and die castings. Powerlok® self locking screws can be manufactured in lengths up to 4.75”, with nominal diameters of up to 12mm. Besides standard dimensions, we can also manufacture thread forming screws in a range of sizes, according to your specific assembly requirements.

The superior locking ability of our Powerlok® screws can be attributed ...


With capabilities to manufacture custom fasteners for a variety of industries, especially the automobile, we provide the Kleertite® configuration of fasteners in a number of sizes that range from #8 fasteners with 32 threads per inch to #7/16 fasteners that have 20 threads per inch. Fasteners of this type are available in a multitude of lengths as well - starting at 3/8 inch and ranging up to 2 inches in length. The size of our Kleertite® fastener is not limited and can be fabricated to your specifications. Kleertite® fasteners are used for untapped holes as well as thread clearing and forming. They are particularly ideal for use in combination with thread locking trilobular fasteners for pre-tapped holes that are ...

Step Taper®

Equipped with a number of cold forming header equipment spread across two facilities, fabricating a variety of fasteners, especially Step Taper® fasteners with CA points, is not a problem for us. This fastener is available in a range of materials, including stainless steel and alloy steel, with any finish that you require. Production of fasteners in different sizes is no constraint and our fasteners are available in lengths that range from 1/4” through 4”. Step Taper® fasteners are useful for extremely rapid hole-finding and applications where floating nut members are used. Other areas where this type of fasteners are handy include applications where the pilot holes are initially out of line or the fastener is ...

Pushtite II®

Our custom fabricated specialty fasteners, such as the Pushtite II® configuration of fasteners, are available in a range of materials and sizes, including stainless steel and alloy steel. Producing fasteners of any size, according to your specifications, is not a problem for us and we have previously manufactured Pushtite II® fasteners in sizes ranging from #8-14 through 1/4-9. Also, there are no constraints to the length of fasteners that we can produce. The trilobular bodied buttress thread in Pushtite II® fasteners makes them ideal for applications where simple push-in insertion is required. This design makes these fasteners suitable for soft ductile plastics, such as thermoplastics and other engineering grades. In ...



MAThread® Products

MAThread® and MATpoint® specialty fasteners are fabricated by us in a variety of screw sizes and lengths depending on your custom requirements. These fasteners are available in a range of materials, including carbon steel and alloy steel, as well as in a range of finishes as required. With no constraints on the dimensions of the MAThread® and MATpoint® fasteners we fabricate, any screw size from #8-32 through 9/16-18 can be fabricated by us. MAThread® and MATpoint® fasteners are uniquely designed with an anti cross-threading feature to completely eliminate any cross-threading that may occur during assembly. The ability of this type of fastener to prevent fastener jamming has made them an ideal choice for ...


Our Strux® line of clinch studs is ideal for providing strong and reliable joints in assemblies and far more efficient than conventional welded fasteners. Even the hard-to-reach components are assembled to perfection with our clinch studs. They provide a positive and rotation-resistant staking in many types of metal assemblies. With self-tapping features, this range of fasteners can be used to join any non-weldable, dissimilar, and thin sheet materials.

Fastening with our clinch studs is faster, firmer, and cost-effective compared to staked fasteners. The studs that we manufacture maintain their corrosion resistance and high joint strength along with assembly flexibility for a long time. This flexibility ensures no ...

Torx®/Torx Plus® Fasteners

Our capabilities to manufacture a range of fasteners, include fabrication of custom Torx/TorxPlus® fasteners for use in a number of industries, such as automotive and construction. Torx/TorxPlus® fasteners are available in many finishes to suit your specifications, and a number of materials, including stainless steel. These fasteners are typically used in structural fastening sites that require recessed or confined drivers. Our Torx/TorxPlus® fasteners are available with Autosert drive systems, which are designed for high-speed fastening, making them ideal for use in assembly as well as automated applications. Other features of our Torx/TorxPlus® fasteners include self-centering action and compound angle drive ...
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